Benefits those suffering from schizophrenia. Was proven as effective as the most popular pharmaceutical but without the long list of side effects according to a study published in Translational Psychology in 2012.


The University of California at San Francisco is studying children from 1 to 18 who have seizures which do not respond to traditional medication. Conditions such as Dravet Syndrome, which causes frequent and debilitating convulsions, are controlled byrestoring a greatly increased quality of life to the children being treated. The FDA is following this study and, based on the results, may increase the scope of the research.


The antipsychotic effects ofprovide relief in the form of mental stability to those who need it most. Chronic pain can also cause PTSD, so the benefit of supplements is two-fold in this case.


Research is ongoing in the search for low cost, low toxicity drugs which may have a beneficial effect on various forms of colitis.has a natural anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body, along with its ability to reduce pain and relieve spasms. These attributes are very encouraging for people who suffer from Crohn’s and IBS.


Few sleep aids which are not habit forming and which do not leave you feeling groggy the next day. Sleep is also one of the most necessary parts of healing from injury or illness, but it is often difficult to sleep when you feel sick and miserable. The pain relief associated with lets you fall into a restful and healing sleep.