The best Oil produced in the USA with consistently high-quality control standards.

Superior Quality Control for the Best Oil

FDA Registered & Inspected Facility – Made in USA
Good Manufacturing Practice – Consistent Quality

  • It all starts at our certified organic hemp farms in Colorado. The USDA has established this program to certify growers whose methods integrate all of their practices to promote the health of our plants, our environment and conserve biodiversity. Absolutely no synthetic fertilizers, sludge, irradiation, or genetically modified ingredients have been used.
  • Only the best growing practices are used to produce plants.
  • The National Products Association (NPA) has issued Zativa Life’s products the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) seal which confirms that we have met their stringent requirements as well as those of the FDA.
  • Independent laboratory evaluations confirm the content of each batch of our products.
  • Zativa Life is committed to upholding these standards and bringing you the best supplements to support your health and well being.