our vision

Your health and well-being are our Number One priority. We are leading the way to better health using the remarkable healing properties of the plant.
A healthy mind and body are your birthright and our mission is to provide you with the best products to help you fulfill that right.
Zativa Life is a team committed to consumer education, quality products, and a business based in integrity.
We recognize our responsibility to the world – to better the lives of our customers and our team members.
This commitment to health and humanity is how we do business every day.

our company

Zativa Life is based in Miami, Florida. All of our products are manufactured in a 20,000 square foot facility which is fully FDA approved.

Zativa Life is a proprietary form of lipid metabolites that act as “absorption promoters.”
Our laboratory includes a state of the art clean room assuring the purest quality and absolute safety of our products.


our products

Zativa Life Products contain full spectrum lipid metabolites.
They are manufactured by a unique, proprietary process that combines cannabinoids with lipid metabolites which profoundly improves absorption and utilization in the body.
Molecules that play important role in our daily lives regulating and maintaining homoeostasis in our bodies.


Their role is so crucial that they affect all the stages of our lives from conception to death.
Zativa Life’s line of proprietary products includes these:

Proprietary Formula  Capsules

– Pain Relief
– Energy
– Sleep
– Cardiovascular
– Vitamin Supplement



– Hemp Protein
– Meal Replacement
– Testosterone Booster

Oil Products

– Sublingual Tinctures
– Vapes
– Crumble
– Cough Syrup